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India's first and the best Service Provider in Mobiles and Home Appliances. Texcutive is working ardently for its customers to provide them world class service and guaranteed customer satisfaction with our services.

Now we are here with the solution of another common problem of our customers. Now with our application we will protect your beloved device. Our entire android user can avail the benefits by subscribing to our latest feature in our application "SAINIK".

Sainik as the name states not only protects the phone from the internal intruders but also prevents the phone from external intruders. Its features of anti Theft and anti Virus makes it user friendly and threat to those who wants to misuse your device by either stealing the device or stealing the data.

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  • Sainik

    (The Suraksha Kawach)
  • Chowkidar: Anti-Theft feature locks customer’s device at the time of lost or stolen from www.texcutive.com ,track the location of the phone and update the same to the customer through website or alternate device.
  • Rakshak: All in one safety app which is designed to provide immediate help to a person in need. It has an Auto Alarm System, GPS tracking, Emergency calls and other unique SOS Services. This app is under development as of now and is expected to be available for customers by the end of September 2020.
  • Meri Bahi- The book keeping feature helps customer record their earnings and expenses daily and track their usage.
  • Swastha Bharat- Mind is the most complex organ of a human body. Healthy mind has the power to change the negative thoughts and feelings into positive and rational ones. Physical fitness gets plenty of attention but brains which is the center of the body gets least attention. Keeping emotions and brain's health in proper shape it's essential to challenge it, build focus on positive things and channelize it in productive energies. As we have moved to closed environments we are afraid of sharing our emotions and thinking due to the pressure of being judged resulting in depression and negative thoughts. When we were kids we were eager to learn new things , we used to ask questions on each and every things happened around us and certainly that certainly the amusement we had after seeking that knowledge was exemplary. But moment we grow older we stop asking questions and stop challenging ourselves and accepting the things around us which makes our lives dull and monotonous. In order to channelize our energy and develop ourselves we need to challenge ourselves specially our brains and our knowledge.
    The quiz section in Swastha Bharat is designed for the same.
    How does it help?
  • TexcutiveWallet:

  • Texcutive wallet will help the customer to pay the vendors, companies for recharges, bill payments and even to transfer money to another Texcutive customer’s wallet. Through this feature customer can even raise the request to transfer the money from the wallet to their bank accounts which will be done by the company’s backend team (fee applicable according to the policy) and will be informed to the customer.