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Chowkidar is an anti-theft feature for Android Smartphones. It secures your device from anyone trying to use or sell your smartphone without the proper credentials. Why is Chowkidar? Chowkidar helps you in keeping your device secure and protected. It locks your phone if it is in the wrong hands, and will increase your chances of getting it back. When using the Chowkidar feature you can: Locate your phone from any computer or mobile device by signing in to your texcutive account. Lock the hardware of your stolen/lost device and restrict access Your phone will make a loud sound so that you can find it No factory reset option will be accessible How it works? Chowkidar is basically designed to lock your device through its unique locking system. Once locked, it will make the mobile device useless for any unauthorized person. With Chowkidar there is no hassle. Locks the handset from the alternate device or by signing into our website i.e., Tracking will be activated by Texcutive and SMS will start coming on the alternative number. You can also track it online on our website Mobile will be in the locked mode and will start buzzing with the alarm which cannot be deactivated manually Locking and unlocking the device is only available from the alternative number or user id and password What if I lost my phone? You are requested to lock your mobile device by logging into our website immediately with the help of your user id and password or you can Whatsapp us at 9669505707. Once done, you will start receiving the location messages on frequent basis. The phone will start buzzing with the preset alarm tone. How to lock? You can log into our website immediately with the help of your user id and password or you can Whatsapp us at 9669505707 (may take around 30 minutes to lock your device). How to Unlock? There is only one way to unlock your mobile phone is to log in to your texcutive account to unlock your mobile phone. We suggest you to avoid unlocking the stolen/lost phone without getting it back. How to choose Alternate mobile number? We suggest you to choose a number which is easily contactable as its one of the best way to locate your phone when unable to use the web tracking system. Please don’t keep the number used in the same phone. Is it an Anti theft insurance? No, Chowkidar is a platform to help you track your lost/stolen mobile device but it does not guarantee the recovery of your mobile phone.

Meri Bahi

Whether we are a businessman, an employee, a student or a housewife we all face issue in financial management. Financial health is as important as physical health. But tracking our expenses and earnings is time consuming and tricky. Loads of uncertain or unremembered transactions take a toll over us and results in over budgeting in all spheres of life. Meri-Bahi is designed for the users to keep a track of their financial health. Daily, weekly, monthly records can be kept handy in the phone and can help in planning their lives more wisely. Meri-Bahi simplifies the minute accounting hassles which we face due to uncertain and unremembered transactions. Simple design and easy category selection makes it easy to use and understand for all our users. It has unique reminder option which will help you update your expenses on daily basis. You can download the statement whenever required in .pdf format.


Texcutive Pay, India’s wallet, for India, from India, with India! Now make payments & transfer money through any bank account on Texcutive App. No wallet KYC required. Use Texcutive as Online Payments App, as mobile recharge app and for postpaid & utility bill payments, electricity bill payment, DTH recharges & more. Go cashless with Texcutive app - Pay by simply scanning QR codes at nearby stores for fastest payments.

Put On Sale

Texcutive gives a platform to put your electronic devices on sale free of cost. In order to reach to the right and suitable buyers and they can contact you directly. It helps you get the best price of your beloved product quickly and easily.


All in one safety app which is designed to provide immediate help to a person in need. It has an Auto Alarm System, GPS tracking, Emergency calls and other unique SOS Services. This app is under development as of now and is expected to be available for customers by the end of September 2020.

Swasth Bharat

Mind is the most complex organ of a human body. Healthy mind has the power to change the negative thoughts and feelings into positive and rational ones. Physical fitness gets plenty of attention but brains which is the center of the body gets least attention. Keeping emotions and brain's health in proper shape it's essential to challenge it, build focus on positive things and channelize it in productive energies. As we have moved to closed environments we are afraid of sharing our emotions and thinking due to the pressure of being judged resulting in depression and negative thoughts. When we were kids we were eager to learn new things , we used to ask questions on each and every things happened around us and certainly that certainly the amusement we had after seeking that knowledge was exemplary. But moment we grow older we stop asking questions and stop challenging ourselves and accepting the things around us which makes our lives dull and monotonous. In order to channelize our energy and develop ourselves we need to challenge ourselves specially our brains and our knowledge.
The quiz section in Swastha Bharat is designed for the same.
How does it help?
There are questions asked from every walk of life. Different questions easy , simple but tricky. Quick and time-bound not only fills energy in us but provides us unending knowledge with confidence to win.
Challenging our brain helps our brain to focus on the facts or things which we might have forgotten or were never known to us . This creates a reservoir of general knowledge , mathematical skills, literature, geography, mythology and what not, which can help students to gain knowledge and professional to keep their knowledge intact.
The time bound quiz creates the sensation of winning and bound users to be quick and efficient and for few minutes concentrate their energies and brain on the productive things.
Winning is one thing but participation also leads to lot of things it's simply changes the attitude by enhancing the aptitude of an individual.